This message is going to be bad news…

REAL BAD for those out there prancing around online charging an arm and a leg to teach people the basic skills of using the Internet and social networks to generate traffic, get leads and close sales in their programs.


TNT “Tuesday Night” FREE Training Hangout with the Simple Freedom Internet Marketing School you’ll learn…

This is LESSON 1 of 5 in our “DITCH THE GOO-ROO” series of fundamental skill set training for any program you’re selling.

“How to Generate Traffic, Collect Leads and Close Sales in ANY Program Using the Internet and Simple Social Networks”… oh and by the way, how come all that expensive training you’ve bought hasn’t worked?

We’ll cover that too…

Our ONLY intention: To teach new people how to get results without getting raked over the financial coals.

If that’s right up your alley and you like to share valuable information with people, feel free to join us and invite some friends… post this on your facebook etc…

Let’s help YOU get results.

TUITION FOR TONIGHT: NONE It’s our gift to you.

TUITION FOR WHOLE SERIES: Five (5) Super Packed, “Stuffed-Full-Of-Actionable-Value” Hangout (live and recorded) trainings… NO CHARGE.

See you there at 9PM Eastern:

P.S. This Hangout was recorded and is NOW available 24/7 UNTIL “Part 2″ next Tuesday night. ;-)

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