Hey there, it’s Rick with an important invite tonight at 9PM EST.

Training will be here:


We’re going to be absolutely ELIMINATING the biggest mistake people make online…

…it’s like “The Bermuda Triangle” of marketing and it goes something like this:


…but, what the heck do I do now???”

Ever feel like that?

You just took action and finally generated some leads…

…but you’re clueless, nervous and “draw a blank” about what to do next?

You don’t want to screw this up…

…because you know what it took to get them.

Tonight’s training hangout will give you exactly what you need to solve this forever.

“The Art of Organizational Architecture, Quick-Linking and the Mastery of the Follow Up!”

You’ll get content, phrases, big picture and little picture training to show you how to elevate your “Follow Up Game” to pro status.

Use this training for anything you’re promoting.

See you there…

We might even have some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS on the training to help you.

It’s live tonight at 9PM EST here in the class room:


See you there!

P.S. If you’ve not creating your own FREE account
here with the Simple Freedom System, click here:

It’s the marketing and list building system that
goes perfectly with our training center and coaching…

….like peanut butter & jelly!

And you can test drive it FREE!


Lame selfies are definitely NOT a legit “marketing plan”…  SERIOUSLY!

Tonight at 9PM ET, FREE TRAINING HANGOUT. “How To Bend the Web To Create Cash Flow.”

Many people “play online” and others relentlessly spam cheesy messages and tag up the world thinking “that’s the way”… (believe me, that’s NOT the way), while others quietly CRUSH IT ONLINE daily, mastering a couple little things… click below:


Sooo … JOIN US LIVE TONIGHT at 9PM EASTERN. FREE INTERNET MARKETING COACHING SESSION. Learn how to get exposure, create traffic from scratch, generate leads and convert sales in ANY business online. No experience necessary. Fast-paced, hard hitting, no-nonsense, free coaching session designed for busy people.

Learn a couple little things that create cash flow online tonight in our classroom here:


In fact, last week’s training is still up 24/7 at that same link and it was a SOLID platinum coaching session that gave you content, strategy and exact methods to launch an online business, get some exposure, generate leads and start closing sales.


If you’re in business (ANY business, for that matter), what you learn tonight will help you leverage the Internet to get more business done.

Click on the link for that recording, which we’ll be replacing with tonight’s live session.

Remember… Keep it SIMPLE!

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